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So It's Monday Morning

Another crazy week in real estate just kicked off. We are seeing times like never before with low inventory and historically low interest rates have made an unbelieveable real estate market and I am blessed to be in the middle of it all!

It's non stop in todays market. Today working with a buyer means watching the MLS system all day to make sure you don't miss a new listing hitting the market and then getting your buyer in to see the property immediately. It isn't uncommon for a property to go under contract with in hours or at least with in a few days. We are also seeing multiple offers on properties, so it is not uncommon to recieve a response from the seller or "multi offers - highest and best requested". Do you know what that means? It is important to understand that means more than just the price. Are there any contingencies on your offer? What are you asking for? What time frames have you placed on reponses, closing, etc. Everything in your offer is very important. As a buyer and a seller you need to understand this.

So this is just one of the many things that I am currently working on today. If you have questions or need help and guidance in todays real estate market, feel free to give me a call at anytime. My direct cell is 865-256-3805.

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