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Your Home, Your Story

What makes a house a home?

You & your family and all the small touches that you put into it will take a house and transfrom it into a home. So when looking at houses I think it is important to find one that you can see transforming into YOUR home. 

Remember there are a few things that can easily be changed, such as paint colors and even flooring. While there maybe options in a home that you NEED that may not be as easy to change or add, so those you will want to put on your MUST have list. 

It's important to know the diffence between MUST have and would be nice to have when looking at houses. It is good to set down with your realtor and go over these items before you start looking. 

If you are ready to talk about finding a new home or even your first home, contact me here or call me at 865-256-3805.

How to decorate your home and where to start.

What Makes a Color Farmhouse Style

You may be wondering what exactly makes a paint color farmhouse style. Farmhouse style paint colors have a soft worn look. Nothing too bright or too dark.

You will want to choose a color that is neutral with a touch of gray or a subtle gray undertone. Some of the color family’s that fall into this category are white, gray, greige, beige, blues and greens.

How to Select a Paint Color


Getting samples are so important when choosing a paint color. How a color looks online, in the store, or even at a friends house may be totally different than how it looks in your own home. Colors can change slightly due to natural light, artificial light and the decor that you already have in your home.

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