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You just closed on your new house and now you are ready to start making it your home. Where do you start?


When you have no idea where to even begin, this should hopefully help.  I know decorating can be overwhelming. But when you start decorating all willy nilly with no plan in mind, damage can be done. Things you do not need or even want get purchased and paint colors that are all wrong get painted on your walls.

So you need a plan 

What is your style? What story do you want your home to tell? I suggest doing some research by looking through home decor magazines, Pinterest, visit a few home decor stores, etc. to first establish what you want to be the main focus of your home. What do you like and what do you not like? 



empty room.jpg

Room by room

Anytime you want to create something new, start with a clean slate! Start with an empty room, remove everything, including curtains & blinds. 

Find your starting point

I don’t recommend that your starting point be a paint color. That step comes later. I suggest starting with something that has a pattern or a bold piece of art that you love. A rug is a great place to start. Even fabric for drapery or pillows is a good starting point or a piece of furntiure you will be using in that room.

Find a few colors in your rug or fabric that you love and you just took one step closer to finding your color scheme.

Samples! Samples! Samples!

Now it is time to collect the color samples from your color scheme to take back home and see how each sample looks in the rooms lighting. Now that you have your paint color, its time to start painting.  


Time to start moving the furniture in!

Number one rule when furnishing your home, pay attention to the size of the room. You do not want furniture that is too large or too small for a room. You want your home to feel cozy, homey and not crowded. If you have a small room, then use a smaller couch. Try not to shove a large sectional in there. 

Also, there is no rule that your home needs to look like a furniture store.  Feel free to mix up your furniture. Even if you have “sets” already in your home, mix them up.

Add texture and color.

Pillows, plants, throw blankets, baskets, flowers, vases, lighting, window treatments….and more.  Slowly layer in texture and color into your home and you’ll be amazed by the difference it can make.

This is also something that can be changed often, weither you like to change with the season or get bored easily and just like to make changes, like me. 

One of my favorite areas to change often in my livingroom is my fireplace mantel. Sometimes I hang a wreath, other times a large picture or painted sign. I may layer framed picutes, flowers in jars, candles, etc.  

At the end of the day, it is your house. Decorate it any way you want!

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