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Norris Lake Is Calling

With weekends like the past one, you can hear the lake calling.

As the temperature are rising and a beautiful weekend like we had with sunny skies and Temps in the 80's, lake fever is spreading. For those that love the lake our favorite time of the year is upon us, when just being on the lake makes it easier to breath and ever muscle relaxes . Wither you love fishing, riding jet skis, swimming, picnics, camping, or just floating around Norris Lake is the perfect destination.

I have seen that a few of the docks have or are opening this upcoming weekend. Shanghai Marina opened 2 weekends ago and Flat Hollow marina opened this past weekend. Bubba Brew's is opening this weekend. I also seen an announcement that Lone Mountain Marina will have the newest restaurant on Norris Lake, opening sometime this spring.

On Saturday (4/23/22) the boat showed a surface water temperature averaging 65 degrees and some brave souls were seen water skiing and swimming. I just looked and the water level on Norris and it is currently 1013.88 with a prediction 1014.13 on the 28th, we are getting closer and closer to full pool. If you would like to keep up with the lake levels, visit

I hope everyone gets the opportunity to get out and enjoy the lake or at least enjoy the beautiful weather that East TN has to offer this time of the year.

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