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Hot Market! What's going on in the Knoxville area.

We differently have a sellers market in the Knoxville and surrounding area. Prices are raising and market times are decreasing, so what is causing this?

We are seeing low inventory with a high number of buyers due to low interest rates and that is causing the current market condition.

I will go over a few things you need to know as a buyer and as a seller.


As a buyer the most important thing you need to know is be ready before you look. Houses are selling so fast that you will not have time to line up financing or spend time lining up inspection, earnest money, down payment or anything else you need to do.


As a seller you will want to be prepared to start showing your house the day it hits the market. It's important to work with an agent for the perfect timing for your house to hit the market. Timing is everything if you are selling your house.


So wither you thinking about buying or selling I would live to set down and talk, to help you line everything up. You can message me or call/text anytime on my cell at 865-256-3805.

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