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#1- Change the locks!

You never know who the previous owner gave keys to. You don't want to start worrying in the middle of the night about someone having access to your home. Even if you purchased a brand new home, you don't know who could have keys think builder, sub-contractors, even those who delivered supplies, appliances, etc.

Changing locks are easy and you can purchase a package at any home improvement store with multiple locks that are keyed the same, that way 1 key will fit all your doors. If you don't want to handle it yourself, you can have a locksmith take care of it.


#2- Clean

You will want to deep clean EVERYTHING! Most want to start in the bathroom, cleaning the tolet seat or even replacing it. Then clean at least one shower/bathtub and replace the shower curtain. You’re going to want to wake up tomorrow and take a shower!

Then move to the kitchen, cleaning all the appliances and sinks. At least wipe everything down with Clorex (or other disinfectant wipes) until you can clean it throughly.


#3-Inspect your new house

If you had a home inspection done then you can start with that report, but walk through the house as well. Make a list of any repairs or maintance that needs to be handled quickly. Something small can turn into something BIG if not handled. There may be items that need to be handle ASAP and others that you can get to over the next few weeks or even months.


#4-Change your address

Start with the post office. This is easy to do and can be done online. Visit and fill out the form and the post office will do the rest. You will also want to notify other important places such as your bank, credit cards, etc.

Don't forget the DMV. You will want to do this as soon as possible. Depending on what state you are in the DMV only allows so many days to change your address after switching residenances. You can visit the DMV website for more details.


#5-Take pictures

Take pictures before you move in and then once you have settled in. Keep a book with "before and after" pictures of every project you do, ever change you make. This will mean a lot to you and you can always use the photos to show all the work you have put into the home when the time comes to sell.


If you are thinking about buying a home and don't know where to start, give me a call and I can help you the process. Tammie 865-256-3805 direct cell

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